Competitions and Leagues

Club Championships

Club Championships take place at the end of August to start October and cater for all levels of players from novice to the more seasoned players. It includes singles and doubles competitions.

Fingal League

Usually run during April/May. This inter-club competition is especially designed for players who would not usually get the opportunity to compete in the more formal inter-club leagues.

Dublin Lawn Tennis Club Leagues (DLTC)

The DLTC run a number of inter-club leagues throughout the year and the Swords ladies have a strong record of representation and competing successfully in these leagues. They are:

Winter League: January through February / March, comprising team(s) of 3 doubles pairings
Summer League: May through June, comprising team(s) of 3 singles and 2 doubles pairings
Mixed League: July through August, comprising team(s) of 3 mixed doubles pairings
Senior League: September through October, comprising team(s) of 3 doubles pairings
Floodlight League: October through November, comprising team(s) of 4. Draw each week to decide whether you play singles or doubles.

Fixtures, results and league tables can be found be here.


These are run continuously throughout the year. Members view the latest ladders here. Members must register an account with this website to view the ladders.